Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I have learned - 5/23/12

Since my first goal is to "learn more" I will periodically report what I have learned.

This past week I learned the following:

People are actually interested in what I write about - dozens of people. Thank you for reading!

Also, taking another look at documents that you have had for awhile can yield new information.

While checking on the 1880 census for my paternal grandfather's parents (partly to research a new family posting here) I discovered information that showed where and approximately when my great grandmother Emily Farquahar's (1873-1965) parents emigrated.

When I first looked at the census I only looked here:

1880 US Federal Census Alexander and Mary Farquar (Farquahar) names detail

With everything I have learned over the last few months when I looked at the record again I noticed this:

1880 US Census Alexander and Mary Farquar (Farquahar) birthplaces detail

Looking at this we can see that both Alexander and Mary Farquahar as well as their their parents were born in Ireland. Sometime before the birth of their first child (in approximately 1856) they emigrated to England (their first two children were born there). 

Then, prior to the birth of their third child (in approximately 1860) they emigrated to Canada (their next three children were born there). 

Finally, prior to the birth of their sixth child (in approximately 1868) they emigrated to Pennsylvania, United States (their last three children, as of 1880, were born there) and in 1880 were living in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

I have not yet found them in the 1870 census to see if they were still living in Philadelphia (because Emily was born in 1873 and I was looking for information on her).

When I research this family I will be looking for records in Canada, England, and Ireland as well as Pennsylvania!

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